Северсталь метиз


Сontact info

Razdolnaya st., 105,
Orel city,
Orel  region
tel.: +7(4862) 39 05 39
fax.: +7(4862) 39 13 46


The following laws are currently in force in Orel region :
The law “About innovative activity and state innovative policy in Orel region”

The law “About state support of investment activity in Orel region” provides incentives to investment activity – tax advantages and remissions in the part of payments to regional budget, special conditions for investment activity;

143 companies with participation of foreign capital from more than 30 countries are registered in the region. Among them:

  • Insulin production plant Bioton
    (investments about 126 million USD);
  • Facing tile production plant Kerama Marazzi
    (investments- 51 million USD) ;
  • Soft-drink factory Coca-cola
    (investments 24 million USD) ;
  • Manufacture of refrigerating stained- glass windows and freezing chambers Frigoglass
    (investments 22 million USD) .

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