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Macroeconomic indicators

Total regional product:

Following the results of 2009 the volume of a total regional product has made 79 billion roubles and had the following structure:

Industrial production:

The volume of shipped production in 2009 has made an order of 53 billion roubles. In area functions more than 700 enterprises, including 200 large and average. In the industry it is occupied 56 thousand persons that makes 25 % from an aggregate number working in area economy. Industrial production following the results of 2009 had the following structure:

The large metallurgical enterprises of area are group of the enterprises entering into Open Society "Severstal-metiz" (a wire and products from it), Open Society "Mezhgosmetiz-Mtsensk" (a welding wire), Open Society «Mtsensky foundry» (color molding).

Manufacture of the equipment is presented by such enterprises as Open Society "Livgiyromash" (the pump equipment), Open Societies "Livny-pumps" (pumps), Joint-Stock Companies "Orel-pogruzchik" (loaders), Joint-Stock Company "Dornash" (the road-building technics), Open Company «Frigoglass Eurasia» (refrigerating machinery).

Manufacture of an electric equipment, the electronic and optical equipment is presented by the enterprises: Open Society "Proton", Joint-Stock Company "Nauchpribor", Open Society "Electroteks", Joint-Stock Company GK branch «Taurida the Electrician», Joint-Stock Company «Bolhovsky factory of semi-conductor devices».

Manufacture of vehicles is presented by the enterprises: Open Society «Mtsensky factory of municipal mechanical engineering», Open Society "Avtoagregat", Open Society "Livniplastic".


Manufacture of total agricultural production in 2009 has left 26,9 billion roubles. Agricultural production in area is carried out by 264 agricultural organizations, 1336 farms, 113,7 thousand personal part-time farms of citizens. The area agricultural population makes 290,1 thousand persons or 35,7 % from a population aggregate number. The area of farmland makes 1 900 thousand in hectare. Manufacture of agricultural production in 2009 had the following structure (in natural indicators):

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